Collection Overview

An Atelier is a place where even the walls are blank pages. A uniquely human space of the imagination. Empty, it awaits the stroke of a pen, a brush, the hammer and chisel, a keystroke or vocal chord. Its floor is spattered and crusted with paint, the desk strewn with notebooks and papers, the worktops, divoted and ink-stained. Smells of mineral spirits or burnt coffee whisper around like sounds. The value of this space lies precisely in this disorder, which is yours and yours alone. It gives you the tools to feel infinitely bigger and smaller than yourself, not yourself, more yourself, changeless and ever-changing. Maybe your atelier is a tabletop, maybe it's a laboratory, a foundry, a factory or a screen. Maybe it's all in your mind. Wherever it is, step inside. Iterate those ideas into things and those things into ideas.