Fall/Winter '22 Event Calendar

Join me at the Industrial Craft store for drinks, conversation, even dinner. There are some interesting people I'd like you to meet.


Jayne Foster 'Flora'     -     September 15th (5pm)

Jayne Foster’s ‘Floral Specimen’ are abstract explorations of floral forms. While approaching purely color and composition driven abstraction, each monotype in the series is imbued with a sense of nostalgia by its situation within printmaking’s history of botanical specimen plates.

At ‘Flora’ you will see these works alive amongst other flowers. Foster’s pieces will be complemented by early 20th century scientific floral illustrations and fresh bouquets in a selection of beautiful new and vintage vessels.

 Read an interview with the artist here


Hugo Eccles 'Moto'     -     October 13th (6pm)

Hugo Eccles' Hyper Scrambler will be on display amidst pieces of motorcycle ephemera– old race posters, helmets, parts– in an exploration of the history and future of motorcycles and moto-culture (and the alternate histories Eccles' imagines to drive forward.)